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03 Jun 2015

Menabrea brings a taste of Italy to Glasgow

Glasgow is famed for its collection of fine eateries and pubs, and with summer upon us we decided to bring an authentic taste of Italy to the city’s Friday night revelers.

We recently dropped into The Hope and The Raven in Glasgow’s bustling city centre to treat the hungry after work crowd to a fine selection of aperitivo, and of course a cold Menabrea.

Menabrea brings a taste of Italy to Glasgow

The tasty Italian fare included a selection of cheese, cured meats, stuffed olives, smoked almonds and a selection of Italian breads.

We will be popping up at a number of events and bars across the UK this summer so be sure to follow @MenabreaUK on Twitter for news, events and competitions.

If you are looking for your own taste of Italy you can use our Menabrea finder to find your nearest bar or restaurant.


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