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27 Oct 2017 - In the know


Menabrea, has announced our latest series of Maestro Classes, fascinating talks where masters of their particular craft entertain a small audience, discussing their expertise, passion and career highlights.


With a host of Maestro Classes in the pipeline for 2018, the  first two exclusive events announced offer attendees the chance to listen to Dylan Jones, author and editor of men’s lifestyle magazine GQ and David Walters, Team Principal of Italian cycling team Bianchi, the world’s oldest performance cycle company.

The Menabrea Maestro Classes take place across the UK, with attendees enjoying ice cold Menabrea, served with traditional Italian apperitivo throughout the evening.

The first Maestro Class is at Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel on November 9 with Bianchi Team Principal, David Walters. David will give listeners a unique insight into what it takes to build a successful cycling team and the crucial role that the Italian cycling brand has contributed to the team’s achievements.

On November 20, GQ Editor, author and men’s fashion aficionado, Dylan Jones, will discuss his illustrious career. Since 1999, Dylan has been at the helm of GQ, arguably one of the UK’s most influential magazines. He has also written a number of books about masters of their craft including The Door’s Jim Morrison, fashion designer Paul Smith and Elvis. Most recently, his second book on David Bowie called ‘David Bowie: A Life’, became a best-seller.  

The Menabrea Maestro classes will run as follows:

November 9, The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh: David Walters, Team Principal of Bianchi Cycling Team.

Register for free tickets to The Balmoral Bianchi event 

November 20, The Guardian Building, London: Dylan Jones, Author and Editor of GQ Magazine.

Register for free tickets to The Guardian Dylan Jones event

Menabrea is synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and passion, three factors inherent to each maestros’ story and life. Brewed on the same site in Biella, Northern Italy, by the Menabrea family for over 150 years, the brewery makes two principal beers: ‘Bionda’, a 4.8% ABV pale lager and ‘Ambrata’ a 5% ABV full-bodied lager. Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, the Menabrea brewery is the oldest in Italy. The beer is made with the purest Alpine meltwater with the lagering process taking place in maturation cellars found in underground caves under the brewery.

“Menabrea is a brand that has been built on true craftsmanship and passion. Our series of Maestro Classes gives people an insight into the lives of those who have honed their career with the same principles that we’ve been using to make our beer for over 150 years. It’s fantastic to give people an opportunity to learn about the amount of passion, dedication and enthusiasm that goes into shaping the career of our maestros. Much like Menabrea’s Master Brewer, all of our speakers are true masters of their craft. We look forward to hearing more from our masters and I’m sure our audiences will to.” Angus Lawrie, Head of Development Brands

"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence."
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