Menabrea Biella

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Italians love cheese. Not just ‘love it’ in the sense of we like to eat it (which we do), but ‘love’ in the truest sense.

This cheese counter in central Milan has more than 250 different types of cheese. And its proprietor can talk endlessly about every single one; where it’s from, what it’s made of, how best to enjoy it.

When an ingredient makes it into Italian cheese, you know it’s prized for its flavour. And guess what - Menabrea has its very own cheese. The spent grains from the Menabrea brewery go next door to the Botalla cheesery to create Sbirro – a unique cheese made by coating the cheese base in the special malty mixture.

After being aged for 120 days, it’s ready to enjoy. Perfect with a refreshing glass of - you guessed it - the beer itself.

"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence."
Those in the know, know