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We often debate over the unique skills and characteristics that are required to become a master of ones’ craft. Usually, we arrive at similar answers; practice, dedication, hard work, and so on.

Whilst many argue that “the cream always rises to the top”, we believe that can often do a disservice to the hard work that even the most talented of people have to put in to be the best.

In the world of sport especially, where millions of children worldwide grow up with the shared dream of becoming the next Roger Federer, David Beckham, or Dan Carter, competition is arguably the fiercest.

That’s why when Scotland rugby international Chris Fusaro agreed to become our latest #MenabreaMaestro, we knew we were in for an intriguing night, and it proved to be the case.

After our first successful maestro class with the team from Claffey Guitars, we were welcomed back to one of our favourite venues in Glasgow, The Raven. Accompanying us on the night were a range of rugby and craft enthusiasts, eager to find out about Chris Fusaro’s journey to professional rugby.

At 7.30pm, we welcomed our guests with a cold Menabrea and a range of snacks courtesy of our friends at The Raven. Soon after, we welcomed Chris – who has Italian heritage – to the stage.

Joining Fusaro on the stage was STV sports reporter Jamie Borthwick, who probed Chris on a range of different topics, such as the feeling of receiving to his first international call up to his opinion on what skills are required to play professional rugby.

Knocking back each question with honesty and charm, Chris Fusaro effortlessly got the audience on side, who were then invited to dig a bit deeper into Chris’ experiences within the sport, and what players he would like to play with in the future.

After an hour of intriguing back and forth, the audience were invited to ask questions of Chris, in a sort of ‘town hall’ format. Questions about his favourite players to play against, to his recent marriage and birth of his first child came thick and fast;

“The biggest applause of the night came when Chris shared his experiences of playing against England for the very first time!”

At the end, Chris took time to meet fans individually, taking photographs and sharing a birra and a joke well into the night.

Overall, Chris Fusaro made for a genuinely fantastic #MenabreaMaestro. His honesty and knowledge of the sport made a clear impression on the audience, who left the venue full of knowledge, aperitivos and a few Menabrea!

"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence."
Those in the know, know