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Joining us for our final Menabrea Maestroclass where those who share Menabrea Birra’s commitment to craft, expertise, quality and passion are invited to discuss their skills and expertise, was acclaimed restaurant criticJay Rayner, who shed light on the craft of column-writing.

How do you write about the same subject time after time and still keep your craft fresh, compelling and ahead of the competition? Jay Rayner knows better than anyone; he’s been the Observer’s restaurant critic for 18 years.

During the evening Maestroclass, Jay took us through the dynamics and mechanic of single subject column writing, showcasing his passion and expertise, complete with the unmissable chance to grill one of Britain’s leading restaurant critics, accompanied by the original Italian birra and delicious aperitivo.

The assumption is that a restaurant critic’s job is to tell the reader about the nuts and bolts of eating out, food service, drinks and décor. In truth, Jay uses his subject as an opportunity to discuss everything from politics to relationships, love to sex and death, theatre, film and the arts. In short, restaurant reviewing is just another form of journalism with reporting at its heart. The key is working out the story…

Jay delighted us all with his passion for writing, and included methods and structural tricks he uses to enable him to both stay on subject, and examine the world around us. He explained how you stay committed to the subject by constantly changing it.

A fantastic and fitting end to our Menabrea Maestros series of events, in partnership with The Guardian.

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