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Craftsmanship comes in many different forms. But whatever the finished product, every true work of craftsmanship starts in the same way; with endless hours of patience, focus, and dedication.

As artisans we know the effort it takes to achieve the highest levels of a craft, and have boundless admiration for those that do. That’s why we’ve created the #MenabreaMaestro series, a showcase of the phenomenal talents of our fellow craftsmen and women.

Following the success of our first Maestro Class (an incredible evening with Claffey Guitars), the excitement was palpable as we gathered in London’s Happenstance bar for the second in the series.

Safely tucked away from the cold November evening outside, we welcomed renowned photographer Ken Lennox to the Menabrea Maestro stage. We were also joined by a select group of photographers and photography enthusiasts, all eager to hear the real stories behind some of history’s most iconic shots.

The former British Press Photographer of the Year began by sharing some fascinating insights into how he has perfected his craft over the last 55 years. As he did so, we shared some craft of our own, with Bionda and Ambratta being lovingly poured and enthusiastically enjoyed around the room.

As the evening continued, Ken regaled us with tales of his time spent in war zones, travelling the globe, and photographing the likes of Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and Bob Geldof. Unsurprisingly, our audience were held rapt throughout.

“Ken was fantastic. Hearing some of his stories of the people he’s photographed and the situations he found himself in was great. I have no doubt that all those who attended were impressed with his experience and took a lot away from the evening.”

We had one more task for our eminent VIP before we let him relax with his beer: judging our #RealLifeLondon photography competition. Menabrea fans and followers from across the city had submitted their efforts at capturing the spirit of the capital. Not only did Ken pick the winning entry, he also generously provided the grand prize - a one-on-one session in which he would tutor the lucky winner in his secrets to success.

With time moving on, Ken welcomed questions from the captivated audience, responding to each one with the kind of insight only a true craftsman can provide. And with that, this wonderful evening drew to a close.

Alla prossima volta, maestri!

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