Menabrea Biella

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There’s no word in Italian for hangover. But don’t think that means we can’t show you a thing or two about nightlife. Italians love to socialise. Whether whiling away an evening over a five-course meal or dancing until dawn, our leisure time is always about company, conversation and conviviality.

Cities like Milan and Turin truly come alive in the evening. From food, to music, to the arts, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to go and things to do. And all of them exhibit the kind of effortless cool you can only find in Northern Italy.

As you’d expect, the drinks flow - but we indulge at a leisurely pace that allows us to enjoy our friends and surroundings to the full, while also making sure we don’t feel the effects the next day.

A true Italian evening starts with a true Italian beer, so if you’re in Milan be sure to order local favourite, Menabrea. You might not need to of course – so esteemed is Menabrea in the city’s top bars, you can simply ask for ‘una birra’ and they’ll serve you Biella’s finest automatically… if you pass for a local, that is!

"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence."
Those in the know, know